死ぬまでにしたいことを英語に直訳すると “Things I want to do” とか “Things I desire to do” となりますが、実はもっとカッコいい英語表現があるんです。

それが “Bucket List”


Bucket List = 死ぬまでにしたいこと?

Bucket とは文字通りバケツという意味を持つ英単語です。

なぜBucket Listが死ぬまでにしたいことっていう意味になるのかというと、これは “Kick the Bucket” という言葉から派生しています。 首吊り自殺をする時にはバケツなどの台に乗り、首にロープをかけ、その後バケツを蹴って首を吊ることから、”Kick the Bucket” が “死ぬ” という意味で使われ、そのバケツに入れるリストが “死ぬまでにしたいこと” という意味で使われるようになりました。

少し暗い話になってしまいましたが、これから死ぬまでにしたいことを英語で言う時には、是非 “Bucket List” という英語表現を使ってみましょう!



「死ぬまでにしたいことをリストにして、人生でやりたいことを叶えましょう!」と言っている立場上、「死ぬまでにしたいことの英語はBucket Listです」では終われません。

日本語でも死ぬまでにしたいことリストを作成しているので、こちらもあわせてご覧ください^ ^


My Bucket List ~things I want to do before I die~

  1. Start up my own company  Established Synchronicity, Inc. in February 2017!
  2. Create a small world where we can easily support each other
  3. Live with a dog shiba
  4. Do 10 things I desire to do with my parents before their deaths
  5. Make a habit of waking up early in every morning
  6. Swim with whale shark  Done in Cebu in April 2017
  7. Go to Aulani Disney Resort
  8. Take rides of all the attractions in Tokyo Disney Sea  Done in April 2017
  9. Take rides of all the attractions in Tokyo Disney Land
  10. Celebrate our wedding anniversary in a different manner every year
  11. Self-supply energy consumed at home
  12. Try to reduce garbage in an everyday life
  13. Visit large and beautiful libraries introduced in the book titled “Beautiful Libraries in the World”
  14. Visit all the nations in Southeast Asia by the end of 2018  (7 out of 10 as of June 2017)
  15. Visit all the nations and regions around the world  (have been to 32 as of today)
  16. Visit all the prefectures in Japan
  17. Make friends in all the nations and regions on earth
  18. Make friends in all the prefectures in Japan
  19. Build a shelter for lost dogs and cats
  20. Build a human network so that I can see anyone needed at any time
  21. Make a concept of animal welfare familiar and create a society where we human beings can live with animals in a friendly manner
  22. Have a holiday house in Canary Islands
  23. Shift my hub into somewhere in Southeast Asia
  24. Live in a big house with a large garden so that I can enjoy my private vegetable garden
  25. Have a relaxing reading and working room at home
  26. Create a system in which we can freely have an education like we take a taxi
  27. Live a healthy and sound life until 100
  28. Work in foreign country  Worked in France as an intern for half a year
  29. Travel four times a year with my wife
  30. Take a business-class seat when I fly
  31. Build an unicorn company with an enterprise value of over US$ 1 billion
  32. Make a speech in a seminar  Done in April 2017
  33. Be an expert in negotiation
  34. Travel around Eastern Europe by car  Done when I was 21
  35. Stay two weeks in Walt Disney World in Florida, US
  36. Stay one week in Disney Land in California, US
  37. Host a study session  Started finance study session in February 2017
  38. Make an eloquent presentation in TED
  39. Promote leisure and travel in a different way by means of Virtual Reality
  40. Create a virtual world where people can easily get connected each other on the Internet
  41. Distribute smartphone or tablet in developing countries
  42.  Host a reading session
  43. Educate about money in high school and/or university
  44. Acquire pre-native level of English
  45. Acquire business level of French  Currently studying to acquire 1st level of French exam
  46. Never forget a thankful mind and attitude
  47. Smooth nasal breathing
  48. Read 50 thousands of books
  49. Host a Rouen Party by 2020
  50. Get rid of a half-hearted high phobia
  51. Author best-seller books
  52. See animals living in a natural living environment in Africa
  53. Become a professional in marketing
  54. Promote attractiveness and attraction of Japan to outside Japan
  55. Visit all the world heritage sites
  56. Re-start practicing judo
  57. Acquire decent knowledge and skill in IT and  programing
  58. Meet Jeff Bezos in person and learn about a future he’s been dreaming of
  59. Meet an authority in Artificial Intelligence and learn about the future he or she has been imaging
  60. Purchase a real estate in Southeast Asia
  61. Start private residence for inbound tourists to Japan and have my children touchpoint and interaction with foreign guests
  62. Create an educational IT platform
  63. Assist Japanese in studying overseas  Began in February 2017!
  64. Explain current affairs with easy language like Akira Ikegami
  65. Have my children study overseas
  66. Create a new donation system
  67. Visit the headquarters of Walt Disney
  68. Learn again about science and mathematics
  69. Walk one hour a day
  70. Train my body and maintain it
  71. Have a detailed understanding on history
  72. Increase the number of patrons, supporters and friends with whom we can make our dreams come true together  Release a participatory website “THE BUCKET LIST”!
  73. Learn at the top school in the world
  74. Own and operate a hotel in Canary Islands
  75. Go to the Uyuni salt lake
  76. Own renewable energy plant
  77. Shopping without caring money spent
  78. Build a human network with a number of entrepreneurs and business men / women
  79. Work with people with lots of dreams
  80. Become an angel investor to assist other people’s dreams
  81. Acquire detailed knowledge on religion
  82. Learn about all the nations and regions around the world
  83. Get rid of my phobia to reptile and amphibia
  84. Be familiar with developing technology such as AI
  85. Make a positive-thinking brain
  86. Create and invent something new
  87. Work in Southeast Asia
  88. Have a new encountering with new person everyday  Having a new encounter every day
  89. Acquire survival skill
  90. No need of eyewear (recover my eyesight)
  91. Act as a bridge between a person with an arts background and one with math and science background
  92. Introduce good books to read at the website
  93. Build a platform where we can share books and magazines (Save Money, Learn More)
  94. Conduct an independent and interest-free consulting
  95. Build a friendly working environment for foreign workers in Japan
  96. Initiate a counseling service to those who are in suffer from work and study
  97. Create a world where we can share our bucket lists and help each other to make my, your, his, her dreams come true
  98. Did an interview about the Company’s business  Done in April 2017!
  99. Celebrate my parents’ birthday at Tokyo Disney Resort  Celebrated my mother’s birthday there in April 2017!
  100. Commonly use bucket list as 2nd CV




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